National Decision Day

Dear Loyola community,

Tuesday, May 1, was National Decision Day, when students across the nation commit to the university of their choice by placing their deposits. Here at Loyola University New Orleans, I am happy to announce that this year’s first-year class is shaping up to be very strong both in numbers and quality!  

You did this. You work hard every day to make Loyola an outstanding university — and to provide many of our students a home away from home. The environment that we create – built on our Jesuit values and our commitment to being men and women for and with others – is among the many reasons students thrive at Loyola University New Orleans.

We could not achieve our recruitment goals without the help of our wonderful students; the hard work of faculty and staff who, among many other achievements, put on two great President’s Open House events this year; new enrollment management and admissions efforts; and new strategies and tools developed through our recruitment and retention initiatives. 

More than 400 first-year students made their deposits and signed up for our first-year free textbook loan program created through Project Magis. Part of this student success effort involves having short conversations with students. It truly has been heartwarming to hear from them how excited they are to come to Loyola and their deep appreciation for the free textbooks. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to make these calls; more volunteers are needed for next Wednesday and Thursday, so if you would like to help, the sign up can be accessed here.

We are grateful too to our Enrollment Management and Marketing and Communications staff who so beautifully represent Loyola. Their most recent joint effort is the new local outreach campaign, “Why I Chose Loyola,” which sent emails with vivid photos and personal interviews to all accepted high school seniors from the Greater New Orleans area.   

We are on track through your efforts and the Magis plan to have another great year in first-year and transfer enrollment. Among the first-year students who have committed to coming to Loyola are students from 41 states plus the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories. We also have incoming first-year students from nine countries!

We continue working hard to improve our retention rates. Although we will not know for certain until final stats are run in the fall, we are currently trending toward our goal of 84 percent retention of first-year students who re-enroll for the fall semester.

We have hired a new assistant director of admissions who is solely focused on recruiting for graduate and evening programs. The plans that we have put together are expected to yield positive results and bring an increase in enrollment of students in these programs. 

And our new residence hall – Founder's Hall – has already exceeded capacity and is on wait list!

We also have some very exciting news to share. The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities this week has named two 2018 National Jesuit Basketball Players of the Year, including our very own senior point guard Zoie Miller!  

In this season of reward and recognition, I am pleased to highlight some of our latest successes and to say: Thank you, Loyola, for all that you do. It’s the spirit of community that makes our university such a special place.